About Chef Rene

Chef Rene Acevedo, born in El Salvador, is an award winning chef with more than 35 years of cooking a diverse array of cuisines including: Latin, French, Russian, and Italian. Chef Rene came to the United States in 1980 after studying agronomy and then attending culinary school in San Vicente, El Salvador. Chef Rene began his career in the United States at Pizzacos, an Italian restaurant in Hollywood. In 1982, he began working as a Chef at Chicos Too in Laguna Niguel cooking Latin/Mexican cuisine. In 1986 he began a 22 year career working at the Wyndham Bel Age Hotel in West Hollywood. There, Chef Rene worked his way to becoming the top chef at the Diaghilev restaurant in the hotel where he created and delivered fine French-Russian dishes. Because of Chef Rene’s original, creative and inspiring dishes, the California Restaurant Writer Association voted Diaghilev to be a 5-star restaurant in 1994 and 1995.

Again, in 1997, Diaghilev was voted one of only two restaurants in California with a 5-star rating. In 2003, Zagat awarded Chef Rene with the “Top Service” award for Diaghilev. While at Diaghilev, Chef Rene created and served award winning fine dining dishes to notable individuals including Princess Diana, Prince, Eddie Murphy, Madonna, Magic Johnson and several California governors. Eventually Diaghilev closed and Chef Rene worked briefly as the Head Chef at Checkers Hotel in Los Angeles and the Burbank Marriott before embarking on a new project in Russia.

At the present Chef Rene is the co-founder and the executive chef for BRISKETSTOP wherein his daily routine consists of menu development and innovation, food & labor cost calculations and enforcement of preparing quality and safe prepared meals. Chef Rene has the experience and expertise to make any dining experience or event one to remember creating dishes and menus that will suit all tastes and desires for most any budget.